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I haven't created such a visually pleasing program before without using 3D studio, Maya or any applications like that. The project is created using completely C++ and OpenGL - i.e. pure text.

In order to run the program however, you may need the following library in your system directory: glut32.dll

The project is the last assignment for my CMPT 361 - Computer Graphics Course. Although it's not required for the assignment, I've created a GUI for manipulating the different variables that can be set in the program. It's so much fun and visually pleasing to manipulate the lightings, the shape of the vase, the texture of the objects in the rooms, etc using the GUI. There's just so much to play with!

This project was displayed in Employer's Open House 2003 at SFU.

Readme for the program
You probably need the dll file I mentioned previously. Furthermore, you need some texture files that the program can used (with file extension .pnm). So after you downloaded the zip file to a folder:

1. Extract all the files in the zip file to one single folder
2. Execute Lab3 (double-clicking in Windows)
3. If it complains that it's missing a dll file, download glut32.dll, and install it to your windows system directory (e.g. c:\windows\system32)
4. Enjoy my program.


This project was exhibited in SFU Hi Tech Employer's Open House 2003.

Download File Download 3D Room Scene