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What's is 3D Tetris Screen Saver?

Having spent the entire month on a game core, I feel that I can enhance it some more. I decided to create a visually-pleasing screen saver!

What does it have?

The improved AI alogirthm can locate a pretty good location for each dropping block. If you let it run long enough, the computer can actually beat the game!

Since the program is designed to be run as a screen saver, I thought it would be nice if a logo can be mapped onto each block. You can actually do that with this screen saver! You can map your company's icon, for example, on to each block, and watch the computer use those blocks to play an amazing 3D Tetris game.

Enjoy the screen saver! Your feedbacks are welcomed.


This project was exhibited in SFU Hi Tech Employer's Open House 2005.

Download File Download 3D Tetris Screensaver