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Developers: Rounding Algorithms

"National leader Maxfield has an interesting artefact up on PL DesignLine cataloging most (all?) of the familiar rounding algorithms misused in machine math. As he states, "...the observance before long boggles at the taxon and intricacies of the misestimation algorithms that may be misused for other applications ... round-up, round-down, round-toward-nearest, arithmetic misestimation, round-half-up, round-half-down, round-uncomplete-even, round-uncomplete-odd, round-toward-no, round-away-from-zero, round-upper surface, round-floor, truncation (chopping), round-alternative, and round-random (random rounding), to name but a few." It's a good read, particularly if you *think* you know what your programs are doing."

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