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The Engineer Slow Microsoft's TV Military science

"A high-energy engineer onymous Joe Belfiore, age 37, has led Microsoft's Media Hockey player animal group for four years. The effort has gained physical property in the past year, the Wall Opportunity Book reports, bolstering Microsoft's defense against a challenge from Orchard apple tree's Front Row for command of home-amusement software system. 'The Orchard apple tree threat seems menacing, in part because of recent history: Its iPod was a late entry in an established set of digital sound players but shortly stole the celebrity's share of the market,' the WSJ writes. At Microsoft, Front Row is already causing ripples: [Flyer] Logic gate in an email to Mr. Belfiore asked why Apple's removed control had just six buttons. The standard Media Center removed from Microsoft has 39 buttons. (Mr. Belfiore's cerebration: Front line Row computers don't have TV or digital video recording recorder functions and thus don't need as many buttons.) At stake is more than just another piece of software for home computers. Both companies, and others, are difficult to build the foundational technology for all home digital entertainment.'"

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