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Your Rights Online: SCO Amends Novell Objection

"According to Groklaw, SCO now seeks to better their complaint against Novell. SCO says it 'seeks leave to register a Rank Better Objection in substantial part in consideration of the counterclaims that Novell asserted in its Answer and Counterclaims.' SCO now accuses Novell of infringing SCO's copyrights by distributing SUSE UNIX, of breaching a non-vie clause between the two companies, and SCO is also asking for taxonomic category performance forcing Novell to turn over the UNIX operating system copyrights to SCO. So SCO is essentially admitting that Novell owns the copyrights at this point, but is spoken communication that Novell broken the contract (that specifically excluded copyrights) by unsatisfactory to transfer them to Santa Cruz."

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