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Introductory Aritifical Intelligence Reference Sheet

Honestly, I love classes that allow you to bring reference sheets into exam room. I think students can learn more effectively this way because it forces you to identify the important stuff and write those down. The real benefit is that you can share the beautiful reference sheets you created with others who need a quick review of the important concepts.

Anyway, hope you find it useful.

Concepts included:

  • Search
  • Constraint satisfaction problems
  • Game playing
  • Planning
  • Reasoning under uncertainty (probability)
  • Probability cont., Bayesian networks
  • Inference in Bayesian networks
  • Inference in Bayesian networks, midterm review
  • Temporal probability models, Hidden Markov Models
  • Dynamic Bayesian networks
  • Speech recognition
  • Utility theory, Decision networks
  • Learning: Decision Trees
  • Statistical Learning: Bayesian Networks, Neural Networks

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