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Refreshing the browsing page automatically

There are times when you need to keep refreshing on a webpage, and clicking the refresh button in a browser manually for couple thousand times is just too tedious a task. This is basically what this application is for.

Using COM componets in .NET

This application is created by using existing Internet Explorer ActiveX component in .NET environment. VS2003 makes this process very painless and easy. Only 13 lines of custom code are required in this application:



This is programmed in C#. When you attempt to run the application, if it complains not initializing properly, it means that you do not have the .NET framework. Go to Windows Update => Scan for updates => Windows XP (or your Windows version), and choose .NET Framework 1.1 or later.

Furthermore, you also need to patch your Internet Explorer with Service Pack 1 (or later, or download the latest version of IE), or the application would not be able to refresh itself.

Final Note

This application is intended for testing webpages and other situations where refreshing a particular page repeately is necessary. Do not use it to launch attacks (not that it is capable of doing by the way).

Using the application

Fill in the number of times (default to 1000) you want to refresh a webpage, fill in the URL of the webpage, and press Go. You may fill in some text into the "what to look for" field. If a page contains the text, a pop up will be generated and the application would stop refreshing.

If the page is only loaded once without refreshing, that usually means your Internet Explorer is out of date.


Over the years I have made numerous updates to this application to support newer version of Windows (Windows 7 / 64-bit) and other business needs (e.g. scraping sites and processing the data for business use). Please feel free to contact me to tailor the application to your needs.

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