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Forced Video Playback

What is it?

This is a rather useless application - well useless in a sense that it doesn't do anything useful (ok, I am repeating myself). Basically, it would play a video clip, and you have no way to stop the video (not even ctrl-alt-delete!) - and hence a good prank program.

How it is done?

Basically it makes use of the Windows Media Player API. Through the API, you can set a video to be played in full screen, and it would cover any prompts or task manager that you may invoke with ctrl-alt-delete. This is a proof-of-concept application, and there are probably ways around to quit the video if you think really hard.

See it in action...

So extract all the files and run WMPCSharp.exe. It would then play video file, which lasts for approximately 15 seconds. No nudity, and it's safe for children (I have to say this because you can't quit the application for 15 seconds :P).

The video is picked because it is small and it's funny I guess.

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