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What is this ITK Application?

Harnessing the power of the Insight Toolkit(ITK) library, this application allows interactive filtering, segmentation and registration of medical images. This alleviates the need to manually compiling the ITK code examples provided just to test out the power of the library and/or find out the effects of the parameters.

List of ITK methods included in this application:

ITK image filtration methods:

-Curvature Ansio
-Discrete Gaussian

ITK image segmentation methods:

-Simple Thresholder
-Rescale Intensity
-Gradient Magnitude
-Confidence Connected
-Isolated Connected
-Neighbourhood Connected
-Connected Threshold

ITK image registration methods:

-Deformable Registration FEM Framework
(Operation is currently unavailable)
-Demon Deformation Registration Framework
-Thin Plate Spline Registration Framework
-Affine Transform with centroid alignment parameters Registration
-Linear Transform Registration

For details about the listed algorithms or the ones that are in ITK but not in this application, please refer to the ITK Software Guide.

Major Features of this application

1. Allow interactive/batch mode use of filters. Input is taken from standard input, so it is possible to pipe it from a text file.

2 . The connection of filters is done in memory. No writing and reading of the images is necessary for each step of the filtering.

3. Allow all filters to make use of ranged parameter. This means that we can define a range for each parameter required for a filter, and the filter will iteratively produce output images that are in the paremeter space.

4. Auto-generate file name based on the sequence of filters (and the parameters) being applied.

File format

Because this application uses ITK I/O, this application would be able to work on any 3D (and 3D only) file formats supported by ITK.

Running the application

To run the application, you probably need to download both the application and the required DLLs. Extract all the files into the same directory, and run the .exe file.

Visualizing the images

This application does not allow the visualization of image directly. You must save the output from the filters/algorithms into a file (format supported by ITK), and use third party software to view the image files.

Final Note

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments/suggestions. This application is developed by me as part of the work for NSERC USRA Research 2004 Summer.

I have skipped many error checking code, so do not be surprised that the program crashes if you ask it to read a file that does not exist (bad example, because it doesn't), etc. - i.e. use common sense :).

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