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Image Filtering

This program is done for a class project. If you have played around with Photoshop, you know what I mean if I say image filtering - the application of special effects to images.

There are many limiations to the use of this program. For example, it doesn't work on certain machines, etc - because the implementation of .bmp files is rather complicated.

Noise Add random noise to the image
Displacement Move the pixels vertically by a random amount
Sapier Toned image. Commonly seen in digital cameras.
Threshold Strictly black and white
Inverse Image Find the complement colors of the image
Lower Image Color Resolution Lower the number of color in the images down to 256
Mixed View Four color filters are applied to the image (i.e. top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right of the image received a different filter from the other)
Cut Up Image Move random blocks around in the image
Puzzle Image A proper block-wise displacement
Wet Paint If the pixel is very different from the neighbour pixel, then the paint of the neighbouring pixels will diffuse through a little bit. But because of gravity, it always go downwards.
Mosaic Similar to blur. However, instead of blurring each individual pixel, it blurs each blocks of pixels replacing the whole block with the averaged value (requires more programming)
Magnify Magnifies the center part of the image to fit the screen
Addictive Blur Instead of taking the average, weighted average or the median, it takes the maximum value. As an effect, the objects inside the image appear to have "halo" over them
WhirlWind First, take the average of the pixels in the same radius in the nearby angle. Second, replace certain parts with the background color.
Pinch (adjustable) Map the original location to another one in the previous image
Blur (Mean Filter) Take the average of the neighbouring pixels. We can also calculate the weighted average to find the Gaussian Blur.
Edge Filter Find the edges of the objects in the image.

The actual program is currently unavailable to be downloaded.