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1. Deformation analysis of Hoffa's fat pad from CT images of knee flexion and extension (PDF)

Ghassan Hamarneh and Vincent Chu
Simon Fraser Univ. (Canada)

Marcelo Bordalo-Rodrigues
Univ. of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Mark Schweitzer
New York Univ. School of Medicine (USA)

Proceedings of SPIE -- Volume 5746
Medical Imaging 2005: Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images, Amir A. Amini, Armando Manduca, Editors, April 2005, pp. 527-534

2. MATLAB-ITK interface for medical image filtering, segmentation, and registration (PDF Will be available in Feb, 2006; MATITK Software Download)

Vincent Chu and Ghassan Hamarneh
Simon Fraser Univ. (Canada)

Accepted by SPIE 2006.