Vincent Chu Tinkerer | Leader | Innovator

Product & Engineering leader in SaaS.
Passionate with technology. Worked at Electronic Arts and Apple before venturing into the startup world.

Do you live in Burnaby or Vancouver area and you need weekly help in computing science or math?

I am available to help. I have rich tutoring experience in the following SFU courses:

CMPT 120 / CMPT 125 / 126
CMPT 150 / CMPT 250
CMPT 212
CMPT 250
MACM 101
MACM 201 (was Linear Algbera Workshop TA)
Math 232 (was Linear Algbera Workshop TA)
MATH 110
MATH 151

I also have extensive experience in helping people of different ages on different academic subjects. For example, in grade 12, I had helped a class of grade 8 with their math as a peer tutor for a full year. More details of other experiences are available upon request. Feel free to have a look at my qualification. I am also available to tutor any lower division Math/CMPT courses.

We can set up our tutoring up in SFU if you're a SFU student, or any where else that's convenient to you. I tutor mostly for the experience, and I hope you would very much enjoy it too. We can discuss the rate by e-mail or other means of communication.

Contact Info
You can contact me by e-mailing .