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Passionate with technology. Worked at Electronic Arts and Apple before venturing into the startup world.

Get new or used computer science textbooks online instead of the bookstore.

Books that I am selling:

Book Name
For class...
Programming Languages: Principle and Practice CMPT 383 978-0-534-95341-6 $90
Interactive Computer Graphics Second Edition CMPT 361 0-201-38597 $71
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java CMPT 201 1-57169-095-6 $50
Artificial Intelligence CMPT 310 0-201-64866-0 $78

Books that I am buying:

Book Name
For class...
Ask Price
Handbook of Medical Informatics (1st edition), J. Bemmel and M. Musen,
Springer Verlag, 1997
CMPT 340 3-5406335-1-0 Depends on condition

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