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WordTile is a web based version of the popular LetterPress game with some improvements, completed with Facebook login and multi-language support. One of the major goals of the game is to help me improve my Japanese, as the game can be played in Japanese with hiragana letter tiles in addition to English.

A lot of the user interface heavy lifting is done using the Twitter bootstrap framework, and the core mechanics are done using javascript on the browser client side. The backend is done using php, providing simple RESTlike web services.

Responsive Design - supports devices with different resolutions

Word tile is a web app and can be played on both PC and mobile devices (both landscape and portrait mode are supported)

Multiple languages

It supports multiple game modes and can be played with Japanese vocabulary using hiragana tiles. In English mode, the tiles are assigned scores and the usage of rare letters in a word is rewarded

Facebook app

There are two easy ways to start a game. With Facebook login, you can easily invite your friends on facebook to a new game. When you take your turn, you can also notify your friend in Facebook.

You can also easily create a new game without facebook (in fact without any kind of account), and you can simply share the link to your temporary game room to your friend via e-mail, text or whatever - as long as your friend has a web browser, the game is on!