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Blocking MSN entirely

Updated: September 28, 2008. MSN Client Block is tested to ensure it's functioning against the latest Windows Messenger.

Kids are probably much more knowledgable in computers than parents these days. By popular demand, this is a guide for parents to prevent their kids from wasting numerous hours chatting on MSN.


According to Microsoft support website, to block MSN, you take either outbound access to TCP port 1863, and outbound HTTP access to

To do the above, you need some kind of firewall. You can either use the firewall that comes with Windows XP Service Pack 2, or use some third-party software like zonealarm. Either case, you have to configure the firewall to block those ports manually, and the exact steps depends on the version of the firewall.

Easier way

I have developed an application to block MSN. When the app is running, it would block all attempts to connect to MSN. It is basically a simple firewall that is customized to block MSN's outbound access. Hence, no manual configuration is necessary. (Currently, Windows 98 is not supported)

1. Download the application to somewhere (e.g. save it to desktop).

(If it says you're missing some weird DLL file, get the DLLs from here, and extract them to c:\windows\system32\. Ignore this step if you don't understand it, as you probably have the DLLs already)

2. Click Start menu. Click Programs. Right click start up folder. Click Open on the submenu.

(If you choose Open All Users, then all the users will not have access to MSN - you have a choice to choose Open or Open All Users)

Step 2: Right click start up folder. Click Open on the submenu.

3. Drag MSNClientBlock you have on your desktop to the opened folder. You can right click on MSNClientBlock, choose properties, and check "hide" to hide the application from the kids.

4. Restart windows or double click MSNClientBlock to run for the first time.

After you completed the first 3 steps, this customized firewall would run each time when Windows starts, and would block all attempts for MSN to connect.

To allow MSN access again, simply remove MSNClientBlock from startup folder and restart windows.

Feel free to contact me if you're having trouble.

Download File Download MSN Client Block