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Creating your own blog based on perl

It seems like today, everyone has his/her own blog/diary/online live journal - whatever you like to call it. As a perl enthusiast, I created my own blogging script in perl!

Reasons for doing so

There are couple reasons why one would want to do that:

1) No third party is hosting everything for you - so more privacy.
2) More flexibility in customization
3) Just to show off :P!

How to install

This assumes that you have knowledge of installing simple cgi-scripts into a webserver that supports cgi and perl.

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1) Change the two fields highlighted above into the http location of where you are hosting the script and the e-mail address to send the notification to when someone writes something on your blog.

2) Upload the html to the same location where the script is installed to, and you're done! In the html, <!-- Replace Diary Menu Here --> and <!-- Replace Diary Entries Here --> are the two tags that the script would look for, and it would dynamically replace those with appropriate contents. You can move those around in the page and change other things as well. Use your judgement. You do NOT have to change formPositionPlaceHolder, however, because the script will replace it with the one you specify in the script.

The installation directions are brief. If you need help installing, please feel free to drop me a line.

Disclaimer: The script is provided in as-is status.

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