Vincent Chu Tinkerer | Leader | Innovator

Product & Engineering leader in SaaS.
Passionate with technology. Worked at Electronic Arts and Apple before venturing into the startup world.

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Science Stuff:
Discovery Channel News
Technology News from ZDNet
Scientific American
CBC Science News
How Stuff Works

Website Stuff:
I was the webmaster of the following websites:
SFU Golden Key Honor Society
Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp

Computer Stuff:
Computer Peripherials
Technology Review
Hardware Central
What is it?
Amazon Deals of the week

School Stuff:
Rate My Professors
Golden Key Honour Society - SFU Page

Avoid the University Bookstores:
As obvious as the following links are, many of us are still buying out textbooks from our "trusty" bookstores! The price we pay are mainly for the convenience, and not necessary for the books. If you don't mind searching all over the places to get the cheapest price possible, here are some of the places to look at:
Chapters (Canada)
Amazon (Canada)
My used textbooks

Funny Stuff:
World Smallest Website