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Updated April, 2008: Updated to work with the latest version of Live Messenger 8.5.

Updated Jan 19, 2007: Updated to work with the latest version of Live Messenger.

Chronicle of Killing MSN Advertisements
(Windows Live Messenger, a.k.a. v.8)

The following is an account of killing MSN ads in version ver.8 (a.k.a. Windows Live Messenger). Download MSNAdBlockv8 and keep the application running at the same time as your MSN would prevent MSN from fetching the ads. Refer to another chronicle detailing the killing of Ads in MSN ver. 7.x.

My MSNBlock works by blocking MSN from contacting a list of servers that serve ads. If you're know a little bit about computer networking, you may wonder why not just use a host file? The reason is for certain websites, Windows ignore or circumvent the host file! The idea is to prevent trojans/virus from blocking the users to access Windows Update website, but it also prevents the users from blocking MSN ads !

I don't need freaken LavaLife, thank you very much! MUST ERADICATE ADVERTISEMENTS. [Instrumental music]

Rest in peace

I spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out what additional ad servers are added, and finally updated MSNAdblock to kill the ad! Die ad dieeE!

When the app is running, it would block all attempts for the MSN to fetch the ad! You may want to put the .exe into the startup folder in your start menu.

Life is good again =).

P.S. You can also disable the MSN Video previews that you also get at the banner location by deselecting it in Tools | Option:

Now life is even better than ever ! No more flashy and distracting banners. Score another 1 for Vincent.

Download File Download MSN Ads Block v8