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This application is intended to help people plagiarize essays / html documents!

You feed this program with a document, and it would generate another document with similar meaning but different wordings. Currently, only plain texts, HTML and Rich Text Format document can be opened directly in Plagiarizer. For other text documents (for example, .doc from Microsoft Word), you can open up them up in external applications (in .doc case, Microsoft Word), and drag-and-drop the text into Plagiarizer.

Have a good laugh

Clearly, the translation is far from perfect and in most cases, the generated document will contain sentences that do not make sense. Hence, this application is more for making a few laughs. Plagiarizing is a serious offense in universities and is strongly discouraged!

There are features to help plagiarize HTML documents too (you can choose to ignore or delete HTML tags - see below for details). This was intended to be used as part of a project to evaluate how the existence of similar webpages affect the rankings in Google - although I've later decided not to carry the experiment out.

Simple Steps to Plagiarize

1. File | Open a text file; or drag and drop a text file or a text selection into Plagiarizer
2. Plagiarize | Plagiarize Document; or press F5

At any time, Plagiarize | View Family Tree (or press F10) to view the “Family Tree”!


Pretty nice eh? Drop me a line and tell me what you think about it.

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