Vincent Chu Tinkerer | Leader | Innovator

Product & Engineering leader in SaaS.
Passionate with technology. Worked at Electronic Arts and Apple before venturing into the startup world.


Fun Projects / High school level projects
I have worked on projects of different topics over the five years of my high school education - mainly because of the International Baccalaureate Program that I was in. (aside: if you ask someone to spell baccalaureate and he/she can spell it correctly for you, then he/she is probably in such a program)

In high school, they're mainly science labs, and miscellaneous stuff - except for one big computer science project that has ~100 pages of documentation. You may also want to try I have a crush with Vincent - a fun little game.

There are miscellaneous things that I've created for different occasions when I was in high school. Some are silly (who would want my "Yes Card" -__-), but some I hope are useful for other people. I spent considerable amount of effort on Flash - but I think it has become so commonplace that it's not something special anymore :(.

I also spend considerable amount of time playing with photos using photoshop. I might put some of my work in photoshop later.